Same Day Blood Test?

Do you need to know your general conditions in a hurry?  If so, now you can do a comprehensive blood test with results available on the same day!

Just book a blood test with us 1 Day in advance, Monday to Thursday, and we can arrange a comprehensive blood test for you in one of 8 professional labs around Hong Kong.  If you can take the blood test before 9:30 am in the morning, we’ll have the results available to you by 4 pm in the afternoon.

Whether you are visiting Hong Kong for a couple of days, or need a comprehensive blood test results ASAP, we can help.  Just give us a day before 5 pm each day, Monday to Thursday, and we’ll make the necessary arrangement and booking for you.  We’ll also refer a suitable general or specialist medical consultant for you if necessary.

You can find our contacts at our contact page here.

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